About Me

Based in Manhattan, I'm the PR and Communications Director for Wix.com (which this website is built on). Trained in traditional PR, I thrive in the way that PR can meet social + digital. 

I've worked in broadcast studios, on policy communications, media buying and consumer PR. I've bought media big & small, planned Super Bowl media campaigns and managed social media for government agencies and consumer brands. My work has lead me to work on security simulations, real security incidents and on public affairs in the US and EU.


Though, maybe my proudest moment was performing every role in a television control studio for a 22 minute news show.

I graduated from The American University in Washington, DC with a B.A. in Public Communications with minors in political science and criminal justice. 

I've mentored one-on-one, spoke to university classes and on workshops and panels. I'm always open to pursuing these opportunities. Helping others has always been a joy of mine. Ask me about the time I was a director at nerd camp (I say that affectionally). 

Please reach out if you have something interesting or just want to chat.

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